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Vip Zones and Company Boxes

Gran Canaria Stadium offers a series of services for companies and people interested in enjoying a preferred space. This space is located in the company boxes, in the Tribune.

There is a total of 44 boxes, where 42 have a capacity for 12 armchairs and 2 of the boxes have capacity for 24 armchairs.

The company boxes with a capacity for 12 seats covering a total surface of 36 m2, distributed in 11 m2 for seats, 21 m2 for office zone and 4 m2 for toilets.

The company boxes with capacity for 24 seats and a total surface of 47 m2, distributed in 22 m2 for seats, 21 m2 for offices and 4 m2 for toilets.

The company boxes are thought not only for their use during the course of a sport or cultural event, where it is posssible to take a refreshment and to feel like at home, also this space can be used to organize meetings for companies, training courses, etc.

On the other hand, at Gran Canaria Stadium there are also three zones of VIP armchairs . The zone of main box is located in the central zone of Tribune, and is equipped with 140 seats with special completion and armrest. The assistants to the main box count on a VIP room (anteroom to the box) of 500 m2 and one room for reception of authorities with 200 m2 (Reserved anteroom to the box). In addition, there are 100 parking spaces with direct access to the VIP zone. Independently the main box zone, there is another VIP zone (VIP 1) with direct access to the Stadium. This zone is equipped with 330 seats with special and armrest completions, with a VIP room (VIP 1 Room) of 400 m2.

At the company boxes zone there are 110 seats independently the boxes (VIP 2), with special and armrest completions, giving access to another room VIP (Room VIP 2) with 300 m2.

These two last zones are equipped with access to parking in the West side of the elliptical square, 100 mts away from the Tribune, with 600 seats, like in the North zone of the Stadium, in the services building, with a total of 400 seats.

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