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Gran Canaria Stadium is located in the Sporting City, with an extension of 300.000 square metres. Of which, the stadium occupies 60.000 square metres, offering a seating capacity of 32.000 spectators and Olympic category.

Gran Canaria Stadium has auxiliary and complementary sporting spaces that fulfil very well the requirements of the IAAF or FIFA with reference to functionality, security or multi-purpose. For example, the spectator areas designed for sporting events where big crowds are concentrated, with maximum priority to security and control, estimating a total evacuation time in 5 minutes.

Moreover, the media has a restricted area adjacent to the arriving area that it will be fully equipped with the most modern voice and data technology for work development (telecommunication room, photographic lab, interviewing room, press and conference room, rest room, toilets, cloakrooms and refreshment room). Likewise, the stadium will have rebroadcast cabins and qualified rooms for television studios, as well as foreseen spaces for outside broadcast units and TV cameras location. The pressroom has a capacity for 400 journalists and simultaneous translation devices.

With respect to the places assigned for the competition, next to the royal box and along the athletics track there is another warming-up indoor track of four roads, call camera and competition organization place. Attached to the arriving area there is a covered space for athlete's reception, judges, technicians, journalists, etc., and a big area gym (1.000 square metres). The stadium will be provided with a Medical Centre specialized in Sports Medicine adjacent to the drug test, physiotherapy and massage rooms.

Additionally, there will be restaurant services, refreshment room and it is foreseen noble spaces in the royal box or "VIPs" areas, with 43 boxes of special comfort. The services building accounts with rooms for technicians and judges, changing-rooms with relaxation and massage rooms, muscle-building gym, two multi-purpose rooms and athletes gym. Gran Canaria Stadium offers 5.000 outdoor parking places and 350 indoors u nder the service building. The considerable dimension of the services roads allow for emergency vehicles transit, with direct connexion to the network road, at three minutes from the Gran Canaria General Hospital. It has been planned special paths for pedestrians and bicycles that connect to the sports facilities with public transport, parking, roads or residential areas. There will be minimum environmental and visual impact because it is about a depressed stadium, bearing in mind the interference prevention against the noise and light nuisance, as well as the environment protection.

Therefore, it will result in one of the most modern sports facilities in Spain and Europe suitable for big events of international dimensions

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